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ORCA BLINKY 2 EXTREME 17.5T Sensored Brushless Motor ea.


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  • Weight : 0.50
  • Model : MO19BTRO175
  • Brand : ORCA
New Release !

ORCA BLINKY 2 EXTREME 17.5T Sensored Brushless Motor each

The latest Blinky 2 motors are time-tested, R&D tested, tracks tested to have definite performance and efficiency improvements over ORCA 1st generation BLINKY sensored brushless motors

▶ R/C Application : On-Roads and Off-Roads
▶ Absolutely the best value with each motor already features special tuned performance right out of the box
▶ Optional rotors available for drivers who would like to upgrade their speed, performance and power band
▶ Optional Ceramic Bearings(sold separately)

New design ORCA Stator
▶ Improved Design Low Resistance Collector Ring
▶ Lower resistance than Blinky 1
▶ Higher Torque and Top End Speed than Blinky 1
▶ New Light Weight Design Sensor Board
▶ 12.5mm High Torque Tuned Rotor
▶ 0 - 60 Degree Adjustable Timing
▶ Ultra Low Resistance Design
▶ Ultra Low Resistance Soldering Tabs
▶ New Light Weight Design
▶ Lower Resistance Double Collector Rings for stronger bottom-end to mid-range power band
▶ High strength Neodymium Sintered Magnet
▶ High RPM Precision Bearings
▶ New Design CNC Machined Aluminum Heat Sink Motor Can greatly increases the all around air flow volume and dynamics
▶ CNC Machined Aluminum End Bell

ROAR Approved : Off-roads 2WD Buggy, 4WD Short Course, 1:10 TC, 1:12 1S Blinky, OVAL 1S Blinky Part No. : MO19BTRO175

WARRANTY directly supported by ORCA(North America) on ORCA products purchased in N. America at ORCA Authorized Dealers only. Please refer to product manuals regarding warranty terms and conditions. Any ORCA products opened or used are not subject return. For warranty and technical inquires, please contact

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